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Personal Project - Tiny Insect Dragons

About me - the person behind "Loonaris"

My name is Alina. I'm known as Loonaris online, at conventions and fairs. I'm 22 years old and live in Germany. Since 2015 I'm visiting conventions and fairs here in Germany where I present my illustrations and artworks to a whole new audience. That's a brand new experience for me and I love to meet new people and other artists that I already got to know online. 

Since autumn 2016 I'm visiting  University of applied science and attend communication design courses, and through the courses I learned to work on group projects with other artists and design students.


The majority of my illustrations is drawn digitally.  Since 2012 I'm focusing on drawing digitally and trying to improve my art. Some of my favourite scenes include mythical and magical animals and fantasy creatures, especially wolves, deers and horses.  My art is inspired by fantasy stories and mythology. Mysterious and glowing things are my passion and I love to picture calm and relaxed scenarios.

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Alina Brost

Schillstraße 155

86169 Augsburg